Welcome to LeekLab, ModernChaot's commission webpage!
I offer various things as I continue learning and expanding my skillsets!
Do take a look around, and if you have any other questions, please reach out via Twitter or Discord!

Stinger transitions

Stingers in various shapes and sizes!

Pre-launch stingers

Floating heart stingers - Available on Ko-Fi!

Debut trailers

Want to announce something? I can help you with that!
Available in both landscape and portrait

CivilFortissimo Live 2D Debut trailer


Automated schedule templates for Adobe After Effects that save you time by exporting in both portrait and landscape formats for publishing on multiple platforms!

Future endavours

I'm always trying to learn more and expand on things, but for these projects, but there's no portfolio for those yet! You'll see them noted as BETA projects on my Trello.Curious about whether I can take on your project? Give me a ping!

Process overview

(i.e. stuff that makes the lawyers happy)

Once you submit your request, you can expect to hear back from me within 2-4 business days. At this point, we will discuss any specifics about the commission, and also talk about cost. If you are satisfied with the terms and would like to proceed, I will be asking for FULL payment. Payment in increments is possible for some, but not all projects.Keep in mind that I may choose to decline your commission for a variety of reasons. Please respect that.Once full payment is received, I will add you to the list and work it. While I do aim to complete work as soon as possible, it may take a bit before I start work.PLEASE AVOID RUSHING ME. You will have the option to add in a project due date in this form, and I will do my best to ensure we have plenty of time before that deadline.I will keep you posted about progress and give you update as we proceed closer towards the finished product. During that time, you may receive watermarked files.Once you have given me final confirmation that you are happy with the product, I will proceed with completing your order, preparing final delivery for the files requested. Once the files are made available to you via either your preferred communication method or a Dropbox/GDrive link, this will complete your order.

Revision disclaimer

Once work has begun, there is a limited amount of minor revisions available. As I work to complete your order, I will check for your feedback and work out things with you.However, if you would like to change the artwork, or the idea in general, this would count as a major revision and this will cost extra.As always, please contact me to figure out something that will work out for the both of us!

Commercial Use disclaimer

The items you commissioned are primarily for use on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Discord. It is understood that you may charge for subscriptions, memberships and other items in exchange for the use of the commissioned items.The sale of any of my artwork is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless special license is granted. Using the artwork for any items involved in NFT or blockchain-based systems is also NOT PERMITTED.

Payment & Refund policy

Payment is to be made in United States Dollars (USD). You will be sent a PayPal invoice. Please inquire about other payment methods.There are NO refunds once I receive full payment for your order.As these items are DIGITAL ONLY, no items will be physically shipped to you. You will receive the items through a method that works for the both of us.Any attempt to chargeback or invalidate the payment made will cause your order to be invalidated. You may only use the commissioned artwork if you have paid for it in FULL. Otherwise, you may be subject to a DMCA claim as you are using stolen property.

Credit Policy

It is expected that you credit me for my work as soon as you start using the items that I created for you.There is ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone attempting to falsely use my artwork as theirs. This is considered THEFT.

Find status of my projects on Trello below!

So, what's it gonna cost you?

I aim to provide a fair price for all work that I complete. Due to the nature of my work, commercial usage right for Twitch and other streaming platforms are included.

That said, prices heavily depend on how complex the project is and how long it'll take me to complete it.

CategoryComplexityStarting at
Stinger transitionSimple$35
Stinger transitionMedium$50
Stinger transitionComplexContact for quote
Debut trailersSimple$120
Debut trailersComplexContact for quote
Schedule TemplatesAnyContact for quote

The pricing will heavily vary on what you provide in terms of material and how much work I need to do to complete your project.